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Title: Llevame Contigo Artist: Romeo Santos 717 plays

take me take me take me with you tomorrow

Told you…

I am the sea and nobody owns me.

Pippi Longstocking (1997)

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Title: Bailando Artist: Enrique Iglesias Ft. Sean Paul, Gente De Zona & Descemer Bueno 9,705 plays


Song of the Day - Bailando by Enrique Iglesias (English Version) 

I have weird taste…


Hangover Sundays

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  • me as a pedestrian: [catwalks slowly across street as 90 cars pile up behind each other trying to turn; throws modelesque glance backwards over designer shades] [car inches into crosswalk] HOW DARE YOU COME WITHIN FIVE FEET OF ME!? I HAVE THE FUCKING RIGHT OF WAY??? SEE YOU IN COURT YOU CAPITALIST, PLANET-DESTROYING SCUM
  • me driving: say your prayers


get to know me meme

[3/5] relationships - Buffy and Angel

Angel: You still my girl?
Buffy: Always.


I’m 100% Spuffy but these two get to me sometimes. 

Anonymous asked: You're definitely the most beautiful person I've ever seen

oh geez wow 
THAT IS AN EXAGGERATION but thank you I’m sure you’re lovely (whoever you may be)